TCPAWORLD AFTER DARK: A Royal Wedding; a TCPA Summit; and More Florida Mini-TCPA Filings

Good evening my TCPA.World. Ever so awake at night. Glistening streets bathed in neon, and all that.

A little potpourri for you this evening.

First, I am so pleased to announce TCPAWorld’s first ROYAL WEDDING.

The incredibly-talented Christina Lamoureux–the tremendous and hard working Viscountess of TCPAWorld–will soon be wed. And its just amazing news.

The lucky suitor–soon to be bound by marriage into the TCPA.World royal court as its new (and first) Viscount– is Brian Fritzsche, Assistant Vice President, Regulatory Counsel at the Consumer Bankers Association. He is a super good guy and I could not be happier for the couple.

Christina and Brian and Yay!

Three HUGE cheers from TCPAWorld for you folks and a personal and very hearty CONGRATULATIONS from your Czar. Brian–I look forward to formally admitting you into elite cadre of TCPAWorld royalty. (Although you’re only here because of Christina buddy.)

The ROYAL wedding will take place sometime in 2023. I’ll keep you posted on who is bringing who, and what everyone’s wearing and color schemes and the like. Probably.

In other–way less interesting, but still critical–news momentum is building around the MASSIVE TCPA Summit being put on by As always this is THE TCPA event of the year. Two full days of TCPA analysis and discussion by some of the best TCPA lawyers on the planet– and in a format that is a TRUE summit that allows ample time for questions and answers and deep participation by attendees in a discourse about critical TCPA and telecom issues.

And since this will be the first TWO DAY event, we will have an extremely insightful AFTER DARK event on the table. Trouble.

I’ll break news of featured speakers shortly. But with two full December days of critical TCPA and call deliverability content presented on one of the most beautiful beaches on the planet, you simply cannot go wrong.

More info to come.

Finally, the FTSA filings in Florida continue to pour in.

I was speaking with a Florida Plaintiff’s lawyer today who said this with absolute sincerity:

“The Mini TCPA is literally the greatest thing that has ever happened in the history of the world.”

Ignore it at your peril folks.

Since TCPA.World loves to read these things here’s a couple of new complaints for you. As you can tell, the text component continues to drive most of the litigation and every vertical is under attack right now:

Always here for you TCPA.World–unless you’re looking for a ROYAL wedding invite. Can’t help you there.



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