Let me start by saying that I am not violating my pledge not to advertise on TCPA.World.

I am deriving zero compensation from this post in any way shape or form.

This is just an informational piece further to my mission to help keep people safe in tcpaworld.

Soooo many of my clients ask me about the availability of TCPA insurance and I am just not doing my job if I don’t at least point out that there is a broker I know who specializes in this stuff.

Neither I nor my firm are endorsing him. I cannot say that he is good at his job, etc. etc. I can say, however, he gets people TCPA insurance. And if you need that –you should consider talking to the guy. But do your own research and talk to your broker too.

Otto Foerster

Executive Vice President

NEA Insurance Group, LLC

8700 West Flagler Street, Suite 401

Miami, FL 33174

Direct:  786-633-3719

Mobile: 305-798-8196

Office:  305-221-2400

Fax:       305-221-2411


Plus the dude is just hilarious.


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