BIG MARCH: The Czar Has a Packed Schedule in March–Hope to See YOU Out There

Well now that the COVID fog is finally lifting across the country we can get back to the hard (fun, but hard) work of connecting and learning from each other!

I took February off from the road–and I needed to rest up a bit because I’ve been pretty beat up–but March is nearly here, and that means its time to get back out there with several huge events.

First, CBA LIVE! 

I love this event. Always a ton of fun connecting with executives and my friends at all the biggest banks in the nation. And, of course, this year I have something very important to talk about since one of the attending banks is facing VERY BIG exposure in a certified TCPA class action. I’ll be breaking down the big Head ruling and giving pointers on how to avoid this sort of thing happening to YOU. My slot is Tuesday, March 8 at 10:50 am.

If you’re not a major bank, don’t worry–I’m still here for you.

On March 15, 2022 I’ll once again be teaming up with to do a critical (FREE) webinar catching everyone up on 2022 TCPA compliance strategies, discussing Call Deliverability, and best practices for handling reassigned numbers. Consider this a “welcome to 2022–here’s what you need to know” affair around TCPA and deliverability issues.

Obviously this thing should (will) exceed the 1,000 attendee cap so make sure you register early to assure yourself a spot.

Register Here. 

Next, a new event for me–doing this one for my buddy April!–the Call and Contact Center Expo in Las Vegas Nevada. Its billed as “THE ULTIMATE EXHIBITION FOR THE CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT INDUSTRY.” If you’re in the call center space this is a CANT MISS event. My slot is March 16, 2022 at 2 pm. Fun!

And finally, the BIG ONE–LeadsCon 2022! This year I have something very special to announce this year, but I am not going to do so just yet. Just TRUST ME you’ll want tickets for this. Book now!

So there you have it–one month, four HUGE events. Hope to see you out there.





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