RACING AHEAD: The Oklahoma Mini-TCPA Has Legs and Looks to be Sprinting Toward Passage

As the tussle over the Florida Mini-TCPA’s future continues–currently there are competing bills in the state’s House and Senate that take drastically different approaches–the fate of the Oklahoma version of the bill appears a bit more certain.

As TCPA.World readers–and really no one else–know the Oklahoma legislature is weighing passage of a bill that is essentially identical to the Florida Mini-TCPA.

Well this week, the Oklahoma bill has advanced out of a House Committee with a unanimous 6-0 “DO PASS” recommendation. (Read the report here: Oklahoma).


While a positive vote out of Committee does not assure passage, it certainly suggests that statute has legs and is likely to be met with approval by the full State’s House of Representatives. The bill also has a Senate sponsor so…. this thing could end up passed by the full state legislature before March Madness.

Not good.

We’ll keep an eye on it.


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