JUST ANNOUNCED: HUGE Webinar Breaking Down ATDS Decisions Post-Facebook One year Later

Well it is crazy to think that we are just one month away from the annerversiary of one of the biggest TCPA cases of all time–the Supreme Court’s ATDS ruling in Facebook.

As every TCPAWorld.com reader knows, Facebook was supposed to end the fighting over the TCPA’s ATDS definition, but it did anything but.

The Supreme Court made it clear that a device must either store or produce numbers using a random or sequential number generator to qualify as an ATDS.

But how do you “store” telephone numbers using an RoSNG?

That question continues to plague litigants and–as the Facebook Ruling Resource Page attests–the courts are struggling to find the right answer.

Well on April 1, 2022 I’m going to give YOU the right answer in a huge JUST ANNOUCNED webinar discussing the ins and outs of the TCPA’s ATDS definition. You’ll learn:

  • What is the impact of Facebook on predictive dialers and autodialer campaigns one year later–is it finally safe to use this technology, or is the risk still too high?
  • Are click-to-dial systems really dead in light of Facebook and what’s the importance of “human selection” in choosing a manual dial solution?
  • How are courts dealing with Fn7 arguments and can business rules and prioritization settings overcome these arguments?
  • What dialers have been found to be ATDS? Which have been found to be safe?
  • How does Florida and Oklahoma fit into the mix?
  • Is the text channel still the safest outreach method?

I’ll be teaming up with my good friend Aaron Weiss to provide 360 degree analysis and a truly deep dive into these issues. We’ll break down all the trends and give you ACTIONABLE information and critical take aways.

Did I mention this thing is free?

You know NOONE breaks this stuff down the way I do (I recently watched one of the “other guys” do a webinar on TCPA and I could barely stay awake) so you can expect an engaging, reliable, informative–even entertaining–breakdown of one of the most complex areas of legal analysis out there.



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