TCPAWORLD IN THE AFTERNOON: Yes I’m Doing Two Webinars With in March–Don’t Get Them Confused

TCPAWorld is so fun and ENGAGED.

I announced two webinars for March and a bunch of you have already reached out to confirm that there are actually going to be two and not just one.

YES there will be two.

YES they will be quite different.

YES they are both free.

YES you can’t miss either one.

FIRST on March 15, 2022 at 10 am I will be doing a “Everything You Need to Know About the TCPA in 2022” Webinar.

Here’s your synopsis (with links!):

It’s a new year but TCPA suits have continued to pour in. Despite the ruling in Facebook, ATDS cases are still cluttering the court’s dockets. But DNC and prerecorded calls cases are really exploding right now.

Tune in on March 15, 2022, to learn everything you need to know RIGHT NOW about what 2022 holds for TCPA litigation and regulatory developments.


– What are the biggest TCPA litigation trends out there?
– I heard the Czar’s team just won a huge standing issue involving ringless voicemail—what’s up with that?
– More broadly what is the status of TCPA suits over ringless voicemail, text messages, IVR, soundboard, etc.?
– What is the FCC up to on a regulatory front?
– How are the bad guys still manufacturing lawsuits all these years later?
– Can minors consent to calls?
– I heard Citibank was just destroyed by a wrong number TCPA class action—is that true?
– What is lead fraud? Dark patterns?
– Should I use the reassigned number database?
– Should I invest in one of those new human selection dialers?
– What’s with the ESIGN act requirements for online consent disclosures?
– Is the TCPA constitutional?

Second, on April 1, 2022 at 10 am I will be doing a webinar on JUST FACEBOOK one year after the decision.

You’ll learn:

  • What is the impact of Facebook on predictive dialers and autodialer campaigns one year later–is it finally safe to use this technology, or is the risk still too high?
  • Are click-to-dial systems really dead in light of Facebook and what’s the importance of “human selection” in choosing a manual dial solution?
  • How are courts dealing with Fn7 arguments and can business rules and prioritization settings overcome these arguments?
  • What dialers have been found to be ATDS? Which have been found to be safe?
  • How does Florida and Oklahoma fit into the mix?
  • Is the text channel still the safest outreach method?

I’ll be teaming up with my good friends Aaron Weiss AND Christine Reilly (what a panel!!) to provide 360 degree analysis and a truly deep dive into these issues. We’ll break down all the trends and give you ACTIONABLE information and critical take aways.

I’ll note that over 100 people have already signed up for the Facebook webinar, even though it is a month away still! hahaha

Don’t miss it.



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