DRUMROLL: Friday Marks the End of the Florida Legislative Session–Will the Mini-TCPA Be Amended?

Florida is an interesting little place.


It has produced more than its share of drama in a number of respects recently, but most pertinently for TCPAWorld we have an incredibly delightful photo finish in the making here.

As we’ve reported at some length, dueling bills in the Florida Senate and House seek to make very different amendments to the Florida Mini-TCPA.

The Senate bill would help close one of the most dangerous loopholes in the FTSA–that converting virtually every call into a dialer call for purposes of the Act.

The House bill, on the other hand, would actually manage to expand the Act even further.

Since most of the cases brought under the FTSA to date are in the text message context, the outcome of the battle over the proposed amendments would either neutralize or bolster the vast bulk of FTSA cases that are currently on file. (BTW–they continue to pour in undeterred by the present uncertainty.)

Meanwhile, of course, Oklahoma and Washington have similar bills in the works–although PACE is now pushing back on these pieces of legislation. 

Really really interesting stuff.

Since other states are inevitably going to copy the Florida bill, the outcome of this battle is sure to have ripple effects across the nation.

We’ll keep an eye on all of this, as is our way.



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