“Indefinitely Postponed”: Florida Legislative Session Ends with No Change to the FTSA

Well the mini-TCPA will live on for at least another year.

After an intense clash between business-side interests and the powerful Florida plaintiff’s bar–resulting in two monumentally-different amendments being proposed to the FTSA–the Florida legislative session will end today (extended from Friday) with no change to the Mini-TCPA.

Officially the House and Senate bills died when the House ceased review of the bills on Friday. The current status of both bills: “Indefinitely postponed and withdrawn from consideration.”

That means the most dangerous state statute on the books–to some degree even more dangerous than the TCPA given its massively broad “autodialer” definition–lives on, and the flood of FTSA litigation will carry on.

Here are a few recent filings for the curious:

JUANA SANTANA VS SEMPER LASER LLC – complaint 2022-4056-CA-01 Miami Dade

  1. Laser hair removal company
  2. Text
  3. Shamis and Edelsberg.

HERIBERTO VALIENTE VS K & SODA, LLC – complaint – 2022-3570-CA-01 Miami Dade

  1. Premium tequila brand.
  2. Text.
  3. Shamis and Edelsberg.

LARISSA SILVEIRA VS HS IP LLC – complaint 2022-3071-CA-01 Miami Dade

  1. Medical facility offering various services involving pregnancy and birth, chiropractic, pelvic floor therapy and 4d ultrasound.
  2. Text.
  3. Shamis and Edelsberg.

Good luck out there folks.


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