THREE HOURS TO SHOW TIME: Ides of March TCPA Webinar Edition

Beware the Ides of March?

Nah, enjoy it with a great TCPA webinar–just three hours away.

At 10 am I will be doing the “Everything You Need to Know About the TCPA in 2022” Webinar.

It’s a new year but TCPA suits have continued to pour in. Despite the ruling in Facebook, ATDS cases are still cluttering the court’s dockets. But DNC and prerecorded calls cases are really exploding right now.

Tune in on March 15, 2022, to learn everything you need to know RIGHT NOW about what 2022 holds for TCPA litigation and regulatory developments.


– What are the biggest TCPA litigation trends out there?
– I heard the Czar’s team just won a huge standing issue involving ringless voicemail—what’s up with that?
– More broadly what is the status of TCPA suits over ringless voicemail, text messages, IVR, soundboard, etc.?
– What is the FCC up to on a regulatory front?
– How are the bad guys still manufacturing lawsuits all these years later?
– Can minors consent to calls?
– I heard Citibank was just destroyed by a wrong number TCPA class action—is that true?
– What is lead fraud? Dark patterns?
– Should I use the reassigned number database?
– Should I invest in one of those new human selection dialers?
– What’s with the ESIGN act requirements for online consent disclosures?
– Is the TCPA constitutional?


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