LEADSCON!–Just A couple Hours Before the Biggest Compliance Presentation of the Year

Tons of folks here in Vegas already for LeadsCon. And the biggest buzz of the year is for one of the earliest sessions.

Today at 1:30 I will be presenting along with Queenie- Puja Amin–Angela Cheryl and Heath Clinger of Suited Connector on the biggest Compliance issues facing the Lead gen industry right now.

This will be a huge 2.5 hour INTERACTIVE workshop where we will be going through some of the most popular lead generation sites out there and identifying the specific issues that re getting folks into trouble.

Nothing like this has been tried before. And I am quite sure I am going to rock a few boats–and maybe tip one over. But it is all with LOVE–and with a sincere desire to help folks avoid pitfalls.

We’ll be talking TCPA, FCRA, FTC, state licensing rules. Again in a HANDS ON sort of enterprise.

Way too much fun.

Here we go.


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