SETTING STANDARDS: Responsible Entities Against Consumer Harassment (R.E.A.C.H.) Trade Group Getting Closer to Reality

And then there was a name…

Responsible Entities Against Consumer Harassment (R.E.A.C.H.) isn’t a thing yet. But it is getting closer to become reality.

A new trade organization designed to connect compliance-minded direct-to-consumer lead buyers in a bid to arrive at best practices designed to protect consumers from unwanted calls while simultaneously assuring that high intent customers have immediate access to the goods and services they want.

Everybody wins.

As I continue my listening tour, it is becoming clear to me that buyers want standards. Real standards.

Isn’t it crazy that there is no set standard for font size on a consent disclosure? That there is no criteria for what constitutes “conspicuous” when considering font color and background elements? That leads might be sold repeatedly and that there are no set limits on the number of times any particular buyer might attempt to call on a lead?

It can’t stay the wild west forever.

I’ve had some of these conversations privately, but I figured I’d start socializing these things more publicly so I can get real feedback.

Of course disclosure font size and the like would only be one small piece of the standard. I’m thinking:

  • Best practice limits on the number of times a lead can be sold.
  • Best practice restrictions on cross-vertical leads (absent similarly clear disclosures).
  • Best practice limits on outreach attempts by buyers (say 5 attempts a day?)
  • Best practice limits on how long a lead can be called (7 day sunset?)
  • Best practice restrictions on the sale of aged leads (again, absent similarly clear disclosures.)
  • Best practice usage of the RND.
  • Best practice non-use of prerecorded calls prior to an RPC.
  • Best practice limitations on data appends prior to first contact.
  • Best practice limitations on credit triggers for non-customers.
  • Best practice treatment of DNC requests and “not interested” statements.

I have dreamed up a few additional items as well but probably best I not share those just yet.

Just socializing some concepts here. Sincerely interested in viewpoints.

R.E.A.C.H.–For a Higher Standard.


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