TCPAWORLD AFTER DARK: Incredible Group of Women Business Leaders Gather in the Desert to Plot World Conquest (And Drink Margaritas)

So a ton of folks have been talking about this and I think it is really cool so I figured I’d report on it.

Amanda Farris over at Phonexa dreamed up this incredibly neat ladies-only conference called “LinkUnite.” This thing is invite only so not everyone gets a pass. But if you’re lucky enough to make the list you’ll get to spend a few days at a five-star resort in the desert hobnobbing with some of the most powerful women business leaders in the marketing/digital technology world. They climbed Camelback, hit the spa, laid poolside but—mostly—they talked shop and connected.

Some of my all-time best friends were there and I’ve heard nothing but remarkable feedback. Apparently a bunch of business deals got done in addition to critical connections being made. And as I understand it, Amanda—who was already one of the most remarkable folks I know—created this entire thing herself. Just unreal.

Here’s what she had to say about it: “In our line of work, partnerships make all the difference,” said Amanda Farris, Founder of LinkUnite and Chief Strategy Officer of Phonexa. “I work to unite women who get things done. At LinkUnite, there are no egos, no drama, only collaboration. It was encouraging to witness how our fantastic ladies created personal and professional partnerships through our forum. LinkUnite is tapping into a pool of connections and collectively contributing to the evolution of alliances.”

You can see from the pic that this year’s event was HUGE and—again—I have heard so many incredibly positive things about the event that I just had to make mention of it on TCPAWorld.

Queenie and Phonexa’s Amanda Farris- What a Duo

Great going Amanda! I love to see the initiative, the execution and the success. As Angela would say, I’m glad you’re part of my village.

If any of you POWERFUL ladies out there in TCPAWorld want an invite to next year’s LINKUNITE feel free to reach out to the Czar and I’ll connect you with Amanda.

Definitely worth attending–if you make the list 😉



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