FAIR WARNING: Troutman Firm Rates Start Going Up This Friday!

So this has been a blast of a week.

Thanks so much to all of those that showed your LOYALTY and support for the new firm. And you’re smart! You locked in the lowest rates that the Troutman Firm will ever offer. 🙂

*Applause for you.*

As hopefully all of TCPAWorld knows, I completely reset my rates–going back YEARS lower–when I started Troutman Firm. But that changes starting Friday.

Just giving everyone out there in TCPAWorld FAIR WARNING here. If you folks haven’t engaged with me by end of day tomorrow rates WILL start going up. No exceptions.

If you’re one of those “long time listeners” that figure you’ll just wait until you need me to reach out–that’s totally fine. But the market rate will be what the market rate will be. (And likely hundreds of dollars an hour higher for my time.) It might make sense to retain me now to hold your place in line.

And depending on how my litigation portfolio goes there is a chance I will stop taking on new clients all together at some point in the not too distant future. I am not one of those “get the work in and figure out how to staff it later” kind of guys. I take my duties to my clients extremely seriously and will never take on more work than my team and network can competently (read: extremely capably and responsively) handle.

So get in now.

Or, you know, wait until the sky is falling and then just hope I’m available. 😉

Much love TCPAWorld. And THANK YOU again, to all of my great clients that have already engaged.


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