TCPAWORLD AFTER DARK: Huge Welcome to the Baroness!! (And Mailbag)

So today was nuts.

You know I have a busy day when my new associate posts a (stellar) blog and I don’t even have a chance to introduce you to her until after hours.

Apologies for that.

But now you’ve all met my LATEST extremely talented and tremendous associate that I will groom into  superstar. (Amazing when you look around at the world of complex federal court litigators and see how many of them the Czar created. Simply incredible the impact I’ve had on so many legal careers.)

And Brittany Andres–your new Baroness –will be no exception.

Brittany Andres (Headshot Pending ;))

Brit has only been working for me for a week and I can already tell you she is FANTASTIC. Incredible work ethic, drive, determination. Intuitive, inquisitive, intelligent. And a great writer for a such a youngster. She’ll be a monster litigator soon enough. And you’ll have a front row seat to her success.

I should note, the Baroness is no stranger to the big stage. As a world-class performer, she is used to the high-stakes of the spotlight. . Now she’s bringing her TALENT, poise, and winning grace to the litigation setting and is sure to execute and deliver as only a professional of her caliber can.

Plus since she has hobnobbed with some of the most powerful and influential celebrities and sports stars in the nation she can probably deal with working around the the comparably modest Czar. *Cough*

There will be lots more on her in the weeks, months and years to come. But for now, wanted to share a quick letter with you folks I received today.

As you all know I am a DEFENSE lawyer. But as time has gone on I have grown weary to the point of sickness with businesses that do not comply with the law–and those that take advantage of consumers. I represent the GOOD GUYS. But the bad guys carry on  hurting my clients interests directly (through making unlawful profits that should have gone to my clients who operate lawfully) and indirectly (by sullying the goodwill of an entire industry).

Unsurprisingly not a day goes by now that somebody (and usually multiple somebodies) doesn’t reach out to me about REACH. (Pun fun.)

But here’s another example of why I am going to start this trade organization. Letter today:

Thank you so much for writing the blogs and providing us with such great information!

I am not an attorney, but I am a consumer who is called 16-20 times a day by companies wanting to sell me all sorts of items or buy my house. I have been on the Federal and State of Florida DNC Registries since 2015. Yet, this doesn’t matter. I am not seeking representation, but I wanted to make you aware that even after I’ve told them to stop, they continue to call. I have sent countless demand letters and nearly all have settled. However, it never ends! The calls continue and have actually increased. It’s as if they get mad that I “caught” them and then give or sell my number to other lead sources so they can get “caught.” Of course, this is only speculation as I really can’t figure it out.

I know that there are people who intentionally go around and fill out TCPA consent forms to get calls. I completely disagree with this and really hope they get caught and are charged with fraud. However, I’ve had phone calls from individuals asking me questions to only find out later that they had filled out an online form requesting quotes for insurance. I have the IP Address and the browser history to prove that I never completed a form. Yet, I’m bombarded with calls in regards to this. 

I just want you to know that there are people who want the calls to end but they keep coming and are increasing. I have no desire or time to fill out forms to defraud businesses. I personally couldn’t sleep at night if that was me. However, the calls just keep coming and I just keep sending demand letters hoping that they’ll one day stop. And the businesses just keep settling with me. If I wanted, I could make a career out of this, but I prefer not as I really just want my phone to stop ringing.

Thank you again for all you and your firm does in the TCPA world! You truly are the Czar!

There’s a problem here folks. And I’m going to solve it.

With the Baroness’s (es?)(es’?)(es’s?) help.

BTW–PLEASE reach out to her (if you havent already) and help your new Baroness feel welcome in the TCPAWorld.

Chat soon


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