DON’T MISS IT!: HUGE Webinar on Berman, Enforcing Arbitration Provisions, Avoiding Wrong Number Calls Set For June 2, 2022

So I plugged this during an “after dark” post last week, but we have a HUGE webinar coming up for you on June 2, 2022. And I’m incredibly excited. readers know all about the Berman case and how it could change everything when we think about consumer acceptance of online disclosures–and especially arbitration provisions. Well I am teaming up with to break down what you need to know about this incredibly important decision in the first of several outreaches on the subject (will also be connecting with the good folks at Convoso to cover other angles of the decision.)

But the webinar will not be limited to Berman and arbitration issues. Calling wrong numbers continues to be a massive risk facing TCPAWorld denizens but the NCLC’s recent advocacy to the FCC makes it seem like this problem is solved (spoiler alert: it isn’t.)

We’ll pull all of this together and explain why Berman + TCPA wrong number risk continues to pose a MASSIVE class action risk to YOUR enterprise.

Here’s an abstract:

Berman, Wrong Numbers, Arbitration Provisions Unenforceable – How to Protect Your Company from Today’s Biggest TCPA Class Action Risks

Eric J. Troutman and Arvell Craig discuss the factors that expose companies to TCPA class actions and the main leading causes of them.

If you haven’t heard there have been MAJOR developments in terms of what does, and does not, constitute an enforceable arbitration provision and consent provision. Plus the risk from wrong number calling continues to soar in the class action context.

Do you understand what differentiates regular lawsuits from class actions and how to thwart certification? Are you up to speed on the new critical developments impacting this space? Is your compliance and legal team effectively information your marketing and partners to reduce your risks major exposure? This webinar is a MUST see presentation for direct to consumer marketer, lead generators ad buyers. Join us as we look at factors that expose companies to class actions and the two leading causes.

Per usual this thing is absolutely free!

Be there- June 2, 2022 at 10 am pacific. 

Unrelated, its PICTURE DAY for the Troutman Firm today. I did a critical poll on LinkedIn about it. If you haven’t connected with me on LinkedIn you should. Nothing says “I’ve made it!” like having the Czar in your professional network. (I assume.)


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