DOUBLE BERMAN COVERAGE: Check Out My GREAT Interview with Convoso’s Lisa Leight on the Opinion that Could “Change Everything”

Well those of you who attended this morning’s webinar were treated to an hour-long spectacle in which I dove deep into Berman —and even touched on Javier.

But for those of you who want “the gist” without too much time investment, be sure to check out this quick 15 minutes sprint through the subject guided by Convoso’s lovely and brilliant Lisa Leight.

Look at that throwback photo. How fun.

For those who would rather read the interview you can do so on Convoso’s website. 

This is a really slick production. I’m very impressed. Thanks again for having me on.

Plus I just received word that I’ll be joining Rich Kahn on another great Convoso production later this month. Exciting stuff.

As soon as has the webinar up from this AM I’ll be sure to supply it.

Thanks again to and Convoso for partnering with and the Troutman Firm to raise awareness of these critical developments.


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