COUPLE MORE SNEAK PEAKS: The Deserve to Win Podcast (Episode 1) Drops TOMORROW–But here Are a Few More Tasty Morsels to Hold You Over

Huge amount of excitement out there over the first episode of the podcast dropping tomorrow and I love to see it.

Tons of great engagement. I can tell TCPAWorld is really hungry for the return of the Czar to podcasting–it has been over a year!!

So I figured I’d give you a couple more great clips.

First, here is the team breaking down the huge FTC NPRM requiring marketers to hold their records for five long years. (Deadline to comment is coming up!) You don’t want to miss the full discussion. But here I am on my soapbox:

Then we move to arguably the most fascinating moment in my interview with the Wolf–the part where I ask him point blank if any of his clients might be manufacturing lawsuits(!):

And lastly, watch the team explore how a lead supplier that allegedly sold fake leads to QuoteWizard–resulting in a massive class action lawsuit–hid their ownership in federal court:

Wild right?

You can’t miss the entire hour-long podcast. It will be available TOMORROW right here on TCPAWorld. And, of course, subscribers to our YouTube channel will get the earliest possible access.



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