Deserve to Win (Ep. 3) With Jay Edelson Now Available!–We talk Dobbs, Javier and Privacy Litigation

Well the wait is OVER!!! (and not just for the summit).

Deserve to Win (Ep. 3) is now available! Watch below:

In this episode we are joined by Jay Edelson–probably the best known, and most innovative, consumer privacy lawyer on the planet.

His firm–Edelson. PC–is always a year or two ahead of everyone else. And in this episode he tells us EXACTLY what is coming next.

Please the Deserve to Win crew talks about two of the biggest privacy-related cases of the year so far.

First, we FEARLESSLY talk Dobbs–the Supreme Court case that BigLaw seems to be pretending doesn’t exist–as well as its impact on future privacy litigation.

Next, we discuss Javier. The Ninth Circuit has held that web session repay technology–like Active Propsect and Jornaya–used to verify consumer consent qualify as wiretapping! Even Jay Edelson seems to agree that was an absurd ruing.

How can you avoid this disaster? We brainstorm tricks and tips to keep YOU safe.

Anyway I need to go get ready for the Summit! I take the stage IN LESS THAN ONE HOUR!!


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