Enough said… and Day 2 is about to start

Queenie and the Baroness are having fun at the Summit.

Oh and check this out(!):

The last panel of the day yesterday featured three extremely talented young female superstar lawyers–all of whom got their start in TCPA working for me. And at three different law firms!

Amazing to see the LASTING impact I’ve made on the legal profession. Especially when it comes to identifying and fostering talent. So many great complex litigators (especially women litigators) have got their start on one of my various teams. Makes me really proud to see all the investment paying off as they continue to do GREAT things in this space!

Speaking of which, Troutman Firm is still hiring. Want to be the next great complex litigation superstar (and have some fun along the way?) Feel free to reach out.

Our current team is looking good, maybe you want to join it?:

Alot more pics coming tomorrow!


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