ITS HERE ITS HERE ITS FINALLY HERE!: Get Your Copy of the Troutman Firm’s 2022 TCPA Year in Review Presented by Drips! (and Other Critical News)

Well folks I’m back from vacation. And you know what that means!

Lots of fun new TCPA stuff.

So first, those who attended the summit a couple weeks back already have the most valuable piece of TCPA paraphernalia on the plant in their lucky little hands–the Troutman Firm’s 2022 TCPA Year In Review. I reviewed about 1,000 cases and broke them all down in easy to use categories in this glorious 29 page guide.

You can get YOUR copy (electronic or hard) today, but you have to reach out and ask for it!

Also the Troutman Firm now has an instagram page to go with our EXTREMELY popular YouTube page. I don’t know how to use instagram. Or memes. Or the internet, really. But for the kids out there that like memes and seeing pictures of us doing fun stuff we have cool content like this:

And, of course, everyone is now abuzz about, which is somehow right around the corner!

For those of you who are attending I’ll be speaking on two sessions. One breaking down SMS messaging post Facebook and one hitting the TCPA hot spots. More info on those slots soon.

Now (finally) back to work!


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  1. You & your team provide excellent content in this growing field. I would like to receive an electronic copy of the 2022 TCPA Year in Review. This is me reaching out!

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