TCPAWORLD AFTERDARK: Doc Compton Gets his Big Moment And I’m SMH

So wants to be a respectable online publishing outlet. But then it does a garbage story like this one and fully tanks its credibility. Sorry, not at all sorry.

Glamorizing dudes like Doc Compton. Come on.

“In terms of going after these text message spammers, just the threat of filing that lawsuit is adequate, because they know you’ll win,” she said in a phone call with Motherboard. “They know, they broke the law, they knew they were breaking the law before they ever sent that text message to you. They are very well aware of the law. And they’re just counting on you not knowing.”

Motherboard spoke to Mitchell and Doc Compton, a consumer advocate who runs a project that helps people turn robocalls into cash. Both Mitchell and Compton sell kits with step-by-step instructions on how to demand spammers to pay damages. The kits include templates of demand letters to send to the spammers, based on real life cases where people were able to get paid damages. 

And there have been plenty of people who have scored wins against scammers.



Pot. Kettle. Black.

Nothing more to see here. Vice is a joke. Goodnight everyone.



  1. Aww, call the whaa-ambulance, the self-proclaimed “Czar” of TCPAWorld is butthurt! LOL

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