Meet the Czar IN PERSON at and Find Out Why People Say “You are so much more fun and insightful to talk to than [other lawyers].”

So I just heard this from a new client, and it puts a smile on my face:

“You are so much more fun and insightful to talk to than [other guy, who was specifically named.]”

The word “fun” is what I like best. Dealing with lawyers doesn’t have to be endless pretentious drudgery. In fact it doesn’t have to be that at all. It can be a genuinely positive experience–and it should be. After all, you’re paying for it 😉

In any event, I’ll be bringing my patented fun and insightful legal stylings to CONTACT.IO in just a couple of weeks and I’m really excited for it.

I’ll be on two panels–and I love that.

First, on September 1, 2022 I’ll be discussing SMS compliance on a great panel at 3:15 pm.

Second, on September 2, 2022 at 10:30 am I will be discussing how TCPA’s Autodialer Definition is More Unclear than Ever Before—and What YOU Should Know right now.

I will be an amazing line up because right before I speak, there will be a great panel on How Leading Contact Centers are Fighting Back Against Falling Answer Rates. 

I cannot wait to hear what those folks–including the under-cover genius Nick Mansfield from Digital Thrive–will have to say on deliverability issues, and I’ll probably spend the first couple of minutes discussing carrier issues too (since that’s what EVERYBODY wants to hear about right now.)

Plus Kiera (everyone’s favorite) will be coming along with me and bringing some swag for folks–we didn’t get a booth because I was too slow and Ferree’s events all run out of sponsorships so fast these days. But you can meet her and obtain some swag and have a great time with us. Hope to see you there.


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