Meet the Czar IN PERSON at and Find Out Why People Say “You are so much more fun and insightful to talk to than [other lawyers].”

So I just heard this from a new client, and it puts a smile on my face:

“You are so much more fun and insightful to talk to than [other guy, who was specifically named.]”

The word “fun” is what I like best. Dealing with lawyers doesn’t have to be endless pretentious drudgery. In fact it doesn’t have to be that at all. It can be a genuinely positive experience–and it should be. After all, you’re paying for it 😉

In any event, I’ll be bringing my patented fun and insightful legal stylings to CONTACT.IO in just a couple of weeks and I’m really excited for it.

I’ll be on two panels–and I love that.

First, on September 1, 2022 I’ll be discussing SMS compliance on a great panel at 3:15 pm.

Second, on September 2, 2022 at 10:30 am I will be discussing how TCPA’s Autodialer Definition is More Unclear than Ever Before—and What YOU Should Know right now.

I will be an amazing line up because right before I speak, there will be a great panel on How Leading Contact Centers are Fighting Back Against Falling Answer Rates. 

I cannot wait to hear what those folks.

Plus Kiera (everyone’s favorite) will be coming along with me and bringing some swag for folks–we didn’t get a booth because I was too slow and Ferree’s events all run out of sponsorships so fast these days. But you can meet her and obtain some swag and have a great time with us. Hope to see you there.


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