TCPAWORLD AFTER DARK: Yes, We have An Instagram Page Now So… You Know, Whatever

Like Memes?

Troutman Firm has got you. We have an instagram page now, which I assume you can find by searching for us. (I have no idea how instagram works.)

But I do know people like memes for some reason.

So you can get classic instamemes like these:

And cool photos and stuff we dream up:

So yeah, check it out. if you’re into that sort of thing.

But no pressure.



  1. Dear Czar: I don’t have an InstantGram Account, so I won’t be able to view your content on that platform. I did see that your post referencing the “pilot-post” of your InstantGram Account featured a “pirate” – we aren’t going to refer to ‘his’ likeness’ as Johnny Depp or Capt. Jack Sparrow! – We also aren’t going to infer that consumers and or TCPA side Litigants are “Pirates”.
    I did see that you referenced in your blog post something to the Effect of Big Cheesy Law Partners sending Pitch Emails. Camp Lejeune Tort Claims “Sign-Up” activity it going to be hot going forward. There will be bad actors in that “sign-up” lead generation space. Regarding that, I am asking that the Czar advise and or instruct any of the TCPA World denizens within his concentric circle of influence to immediately Cease & Desist from transmitting unsolicited Bulk Consumer Electronic Mail Messages (SPAM) to consumers, and further advise ‘senders’ that if they try to ‘save-a-few-bucks’ by utilizing a Protected Government Electronic Mail Cloud Delivery Platform (such as Granicus) they will likely end up in a Federal Prison… up-side though – Meat Tacos every Tuesday!
    See Strange v. Spammer No. 0:22-cv-01984-NEB (D. Minn.)

    Deserve To Win, & Do-Better,

    Clinton Strange

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