JUST ANNOUNCED: HUGE Webinar THIS THURSDAY Breaking Down New Michigan Bill

Well when news this big breaks you have to move fast.

As we reported last week, the Michigan legislature is considering what is anticipated to be a fast-moving bill that will mark the next stage in state-level telemarketing regulations.

The bill is markedly different than recent telemarketing restrictions both in terms of its scope and its precision. This thing is thoughtfully drafted and comprehensive. It is exactly the sort of bill that is likely to gain momentum throughout the country. So you really ought to know about it right now.


  • $25k per violation AG actions;
  • Pre-suit discovery enabled;
  • $1,000 per violation private right of action in some instances;
  • Restrictions on telesales;
  • Lead generation involving numbers on the DNC banned;
  • Required content disclosures;
  • Restrictions on DID usage; and
  • Enhanced protections for “vulnerable” populations (the elderly and disabled).

I am teaming with the folks at contact center compliance (dnc.com) to walk through the new bill with you and provide insight and answer any questions you folks may have. It is important to keep in mind this bill has not become law and is subject to change, but I for one am always grateful for the opportunity to understand what the future looks like. And this is your chance to do just that.

Per usual this thing will be free. The webinar will be this Thursday at 10 am pacific time.



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