SO MANY PICTURES.., and good times! Contact.IO Was a Blast. Here’s a CZAR’S eye View of the BIG Event

I know, I know, TCPAWorld is not instagram.


I have a bunch of fun pics from and they’re going on the blog.

The Czar and Mr. Ferree

So let me just say, Mr. Ferree can throw an event. Of all of the (hundreds?) of conferences I have spoken at in my career there was something special about this one. It was so laid back and relaxed. Everyone seemed completely comfortable and really genuinely pleased to be hanging out together.

And it really was more of a hang out than a traditional conference. Sure there was a stage and an expo hall. Yes, I spoke (twice) and exhibitors manned their booths for most of the day. But the center of the universe was foyer and the hotel lobby where the majority of conference goers congregated throughout all 3 days (and nights) of the conference.

And at every conference I feel like I get to know one or two people a lot better and start appreciating them in a way I hadn’t before. In the past it had been Tracy and Matt, or Meg and Travis, or Amanda and Sara. This time it was Peter Vitale and Atif Yousof. What GREAT guys. Peter is just an honest hard working mid-west type, really enjoyed spending some time with him.

Peter and the Czar hanging out

And Atif is a guy who has pledged himself to helping clean up the “wild west” Pakistan call center space. “If you teach them, they will listen and they will do things compliantly.” He assured me with hopeful sincerity.

Atif is out to change the offshore game–and I love it.

And of course the TCPAWorld got their first taste of the Dame. I hired Tori to make waves, and she did not disappoint. Her first shindig as a member of the Troutman Firm will be memorable for all those who had a chance to connect with her. She was quite the little starlet (she won the crown at the QUEENS event!), and made a ton of new friends.

The amazing women of Queens/LinkUnite. AMAZING group of ladies.

Also many of you got to meet my assistant Kiera for (mostly) the first time. She is fantastic and everyone loves her. She was handing out hats and pins and TCPA Years in Reviews and having a great time.

Kiera is THE BEST. Lucky lucky lucky to have her.

Was on a spectacular panel with Joey and Diona and AC and Scott talking SMS messaging best practices, and it was great to lay out VALID use cases that are likely to be BOTH legal and deliverable.

And the next day I had the stage all to myself for an hour-which is always fun (and educational.)

And, of course, there were plenty of hijinks and capers. That’s how you bond, after all.

After that I needed a break.

And TrackDrive just enjoyed the seven-figure brand awareness bump TCPAWorld delivers just because they had a couch the Czar could sit on. Good for them.

And lastly here are a couple of COOL CATS who did not make the conference but are hanging out enjoy a little Troutman Firm swag.

We still have plenty of swag available–and I’ll order more if we run out. This is HIGH QUALITY stuff. Trust me. You need one of these hats:

Reach out to to request your FREE swag (shirt or hat.) But you have to PROMISE to wear it!

Chat soon TCPAWorld. Now get back to work!


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