A LITTLE MORE VIDEO FUN: Deserve to Win (Ep. 4) Drops Tomorrow!!!–But You CAN’T MISS This AMAZING Snippet Right Now

So I’ve now done dozens of podcast episodes with many guests, and I think this might be my single favorite snippet ever.

Setting the stage, our guest for Episode 4 is Adrian Bacon–a prolific serial TCPA plaintiff’s lawyer. In this clip he actually ADMITS that when the Czar speaks everyone’s knees get weak.

Sure they will “BLUFF” like they don’t care but “THEY DO CARE.”

You really have to see this. Amazing admission in my view:

Adrian Bacon admitting the Czar RULES. For more great content be sure to follow our INCREDIBLE You Tube Channel.  

He has a real nice quote too:

One of the things I think you do a really good job of is cutting to the heart of the issue…

-Adrian Bacon discussing the Czar’s tactics on Deserve to Win (Ep. 4)

The full CANT MISS episode drops tomorrow right here.

Unrelated, can someone explain why this video already has nearly 6,000 views and I just posted it yesterday? I don’t get it.

I may do an NFT of that painting.


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