So was HONORED to join Jay Edelson’s Noncompliant podcast today. Episode not out yet but when it is I will let everyone know.

Couple of key points:

  1. Jay is scared to play me in volleyball, which makes sense since I am ever-so-tall-and-athletic-and-good-at-hyphens and also handsome;
  2. I accused Jay of being driven by blind egotism, which he initially agreed with but then backed away from because his ego wouldn’t let me be right;
  3. Jay told me he “despises” me–and that’s a quote;
  4. It was otherwise a hootenanny.

Will drop soon, I assume. Will advise when it does.

Then we recorded our own podcast–EPISODE 5 OF DESERVE TO WIN!!!–with Mike Greenwald.

Mr. Number One on the List.


It was all fun and games until I pushed him on Hunstein and otherwise suggested he was making millions off innocent wrong number calls. Then it was just fun.

That episode will be out soon.

Also layoffs coming— but not from Troutman Firm. SO MANY incredible resumes lately.

Who do I hire? And in what order?



Me right now.



  1. Well, more proof that not everybody likes you! So, time to quit the false advertising that everybody likes you.

  2. You need to hold the line on not hiring BigLaw refugees. Like you said “incredible resumes.” But how many of them have real, marketable, valuable legal skills?

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