APROPOS OF NOTHING: Kristin Bryan is Pretty Dang Amazing…

So back when I was at Squire Patton Boggs–great firm, really different than most #biglaw outfits–I had the pleasure to meet and work with Kristin Bryan.

She took the concept of TCPAWorld and broadened it to apply to the data privacy/consumer privacy world more broadly and she has been running consumerprivacyworld.com ever since.

Now I’m not at Squire anymore so I dont promote CPW the way I used to, but man I have to say–CPW is DEFINITELY the most impressive legal blog in the country (other than mine.) And you should be following it closely if data privacy law has any impact on your organization (and it does.)

Just look at the content out TODAY:

These guys are knocking it out of the park.

No wonder Kristin is a 2022 Law360 Privacy & Cybersecurity MVP as well as a featured subject matter expert for LexisNexis.

Look, if you need TCPA help you better be coming to the Czar. But if you need help with privacy and cybersecurity matters Kristin and her team (along with Alan Friel, of course) should really be on your short list. Really really impressive and knowledgeable folks.

Editor’s Note: No, nobody paid me for this. I dont do endorsements. I’m just really sincerely impressed. And that doesn’t happen very often. So there you go.



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