TCPAWORLD AFTER DARK: “An ATDS is basically a video blackjack machine on steroids…” or something

So new brief just filed by Adrian Bacon to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Yes, THIS Adrian Bacon:

Here’s what he says an ATD Sis:

Imagine playing a game of video blackjack. Such programs rely upon
number generators to randomize the cards received by the player and the dealer. A
number generator does not generate the cards. Those are predetermined by the 52
cards in a standard deck. However, it might generate a number between 1-52
which determines which card the player receives out of the deck. Parsers (number
generation code) might be used to index and store the cards of the deck in RAM
and assign numbers to each card. A random number generator might then be used
to generate a number between 1-52 which matches with the card that was assigned
that corresponding number by the parser. The card will then be produced from
storage and shown on the screen to the player. This allows the program to operate
without a dealer shuffling the deck or dealing the cards through a program that
automates this process without the labor cost associated therewith. It cannot be
done without random or sequential number generators. An ATDS is basically a
video blackjack machine on steroids, which instead of dealing cards, dials
telephone numbers, and instead of doing it one hand/call at a time, deals a
thousand hands or dials a thousand calls per second.

Yeah. Sure. Why not.

Unrelated, I’m going to vegas right now. At the airport.  Literally. Here’s proof–

Also the Dame just now–“You shouldn’t use the airport wifi.”

Here’s the brief Adrian filed if you want to read the whole thing. Its not all about blackjack though. Unfortunately.

ATDS Brief



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