NEW CASE ALERT: e-TeleQuote Insurance Hits the Docket

Hi TCPAWorld! The Baroness here.

A putative class action was filed just a couple days ago that caught my eye and I wanted to share with you.

The defendant in this case is an insurance agency. We did just get back from Insuretech after all.

The plaintiff in this case is Daniel Costa. He brings suit in the Middle District of Florida against a company name e-TeleQuote Insurance, Inc.

According to the Complaint, e-TeleQuote operates numerous websites that advertises and offers Medicare services to customers. A couple of the websites are and

On or about March 15, 2022, e-TeleQuote “placed numerous unsolicited, pre-recorded phone calls” to Costa from a telephone number used by e-TeleQuote. More specifically, Costa alleged e-TeleQuote placed about 13 pre-recorded phone calls to his telephone number over the course of two months.

Costa alleged he never visited any of e-TeleQuote’s websites, never provided his prior express written consent, and never had a business relationship with e-TeleQuote.

TCPA violation?

The putative class is defined as follows:

“All persons within the United States who received any telephone call/s from Defendant, its employees and/or agents, for the purpose [of] promoting Defendant’s goods or services, to said person’s cellular telephone made through the use of an artificial or prerecorded voice within the four years prior to the filing of this action.”

Based on the above, Costa sued e-TeleQuote for (1) negligent violations of the TCPA and (2) knowing and/or willful violations of the TCPA.

As this case was just recently filed, e-TeleQuote’s response to the Complaint won’t be due for another couple weeks.

I’m interested to see how e-TeleQuote will respond.

I will keep a close eye out on this one.



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