REPUBLICAN ORGANIZATION BEING SUED IN ALABAMA BY ALABAMA RESIDENT: The National Republican Senatorial Committee Becomes Defendant in TCPA Class Action

A class action TCPA Lawsuit has been filed in Alabama which alone might be noteworthy in and of itself. However, this one is particularly interesting as Katherine Dorr (Dorr) has filed against a political group—a republican political organization at that, the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC). This organization raises money for Republican Senatorial candidates all over the United States. The class per the complaint could include thousands of people.

NRSC allegedly attempted to solicit donations from the wrong person, Dorr. The lawsuit specifically mentions this one sent in January of 2022 but claims this has been happening since summer of 2021.

The lawsuit claims that this was accomplished by using an ATDS without prior express consent. Dorr states she has never so much as even donated to a Republican candidate to warrant this type of solicitation.

With 1976 being the last time Alabama went blue for a presidential election and with 2/2 current US senators being Republicans, I do not think the alleged texts were worth the risk here.




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