TCPAWORLD AT DAWN: Troutman Firm is Closed Today–For a Very (Secret) Special Reason

So I am watching the sun rise over Los Angeles this morning from my room in West Hollywood. (Notice the traffic even before sunrise. #losangeles)

Now that I’m back on LinkedIn–I won–a lot of you enjoyed a couple of pics from the Affy Expo, which is where we find ourselves. Great event so far and the Baroness is very excited to be here:

But that’s actually not why I write.

Instead, I’m announcing that Troutman Firm will be CLOSED today (unrelated to Affy BTW) for the first time in its long history–and probably the ONLY time–during normal business hours. I can’t share why just yet but it will be readily apparent soon enough.

I know it will be tough to go a day without us, but we’ll be back tomorrow.

I’ll try to squeeze in another blog shortly, and in the meantime watch for GREAT content from the Bishop today– Chris Deatherage.

Chat soon TCPAWorld.


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