SO MUCH ENGAGEMENT: Troutman Firm Lined Up to Attend a Bunch of GREAT 4th Quarter Events–Plus REALLY SPECIAL Opportunities Around the Corner

Its no wonder we’re your favorite lawfirm. 🙂

I know I’ve promised to scale back my personal appearances–I have way too much going on to be on the speaking circuit :)–but the ladies of the Troutman Firm are still bringing the heat and appearing coast to coast!

First, Queenie takes the stage at the really cool Convoso Road Trip Party in Miami, FL November 8, 2022. The session is entitled “Summit by the Sea” and a bunch of folks will be attending–probably even members of Troutman Firm’s new Florida office. (Wait, but that’s a secret until Monday. So shhhh.) If you are in the South Florida region be sure to reach out–these roadshow events are a ton of fun and Queenie never disappoints.

Next, the Baroness and the Dame will be connecting with other great ladies of consumer finance at a great desert event. Women in Consumer Finance is holding their annual event in Palm Springs December 5-7, 2022. If any of the wonderful women of TCPAWorld happen to be attending be sure to say hi!

Then THE BIG ONE. Queenie and the Czar will both be flying across the country to St. Pete’s for the Annual TCPA Summit presented by This will be an INCREDIBLE two day event focused on TCPA compliance. I presented over 8 hours of material last year–plus you have access to the Czar (and Queenie!) for lunches, happy hours and and VERY informal “TCPAWorld After Dark” session that you cannot miss. For a flavor of last year’s event click here.

And last, but not least, the ladies ALL get together for the year’s second Link Unite Session. This time it is BACK in Florida–gees that’s a lot of first class plane tickets for Queenie! Queenie and the Baroness will both be attending to connect with the INFLUENCE-MAKING ladies of LinkUnite–probably the most innovative and powerful group of women in the marketing industry. Troutman Firm is honored to have a presence at such a fantastic event.

These DIVERSE initiatives are just a piece of the engagement we have planned for the remainder of 2022. Expect at least 3 more INCREDIBLE video podcast episodes, along with special webinar content–and, of course, the endless array of lovely TCPAWorld articles you’ve all grown addicted to. 😉

And with the launch of R.E.A.C.H.–no putting this genie back in the bottle–we will soon offer MEMBER ONLY content. Plus board membership will be chosen in the next 60 days. Ack!

Last Year’s Troutman Firm TCPA Review Reached THOUSANDS of Folks in the TCPAWorld. Next year’s will only be bigger. Don’t miss your ONLY chance to partner with the MOST powerful brand in the telecom

Finally, be sure to watch for an email from Troutman Firm on your ONE AND ONLY chance to advertise in next year’s 2023 TCPA Annual Review. It is the ONLY way you can reach the Czar’s MASSIVE network of call centers, brands, carriers, regulators and friends. This will be a one-shot blind auction format. So set a little money aside in the year-end budget and keep your eyes peeled for your opportunity to knock!


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