TCPAWORLD AFTERDARK: A good time had by all–except for me. And those pants tho.

Those pants tho.

So apparently this Convoso event down in Miami today was a blast and a half.

Sure there’s a hurricane roaring toward them but, YOLO. (Is that still a phrase?)

Anyhoo I only got a couple of pictures from the team, which is how I know it was a REALLY fun time.

But this video of Puja speaking is really compelling. Just this little clip shows you how much VALUE she adds. So cool to have her on board. I’m hardly worthy:

I hear everyone really had fun. All the Troutman Firm (and Troutman Firm MIAMI) swag was gobbled up.

Really cool to see everyone rocking the Troutman Firm BRAND. #lookforthelion

I’m going to need to order more ahead of the big TCPA Summit next month–more on that soon.

Also Kiera is out of the office–she’s getting married or something–so I have been making my own memes this week. You could probably tell.


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