So it is official.

There are DEFINITELY a group of people out there that ONLY read TCPAWorld Afterdark.

Day after day, night after night, my AFTER DARK blog posts get more traffic than the regular posts.

This is true no matter how compelling or important my “regular” TCPA posts are.

That means there are DEFINITELY some group of people out there who LITERALLY wait around for an AFTERDARK alert from TCPAWorld and then AND ONLY THEN visit TCPAWorld to digest my content.

But… why?

I mean, I know I’m amusing–and my afterdark posts and insanely creative and mold breaking and fun.

But still… why?

Who are you wonderful weird people that choose to only read the Czar’s late night mildly chaotic musings? The ones more or less completely detached from TCPA and the law.

Posts mostly so self-indulgent and inaccessible that even I wonder what I’m up to half the time. Stuff like this:


Anyway I just wanted to do a quick note to say– you’ve been noticed. Weird alt-law population that tunes in to a TCPA blog just to see what oddness the Czar will present late in the evening. I don’t know who you are or why you are. But I see you.

And… hey-I hope this brings you joy.

Chat soon.


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