TCPAWORLD AFTER DARK: More of the Clips You Love MOST

Tons of engagement following yesterday’s teaser clips. Folks are REALLY interested in Deserve to Win (Ep. 7.)

Something about Law HQ’s model of using an app to create lawsuits by having consumers “Swipe left” on robocalls is really sparking the imaginations of folks in TCPAWorld.

Well here are a couple more clips for you. Full episode out next Tuesday.

In our first clip we have a SHOCKING swipe by Law HQ’s litigation head against a law firm they faced on appeal in the Chenette v. Porch case. “How can a credible law firm make these arguments” he wonders aloud:

The Chenette ruling was a HUGE setback for TCPA defendants, of course, with massive (very bad) changes to TCPA standing and presumption rules created.

JUST AWFUL: TCPA Standing Limits Eroded as Porch Loses Appeal Claiming it Could Cold Call Business Owners Who Publicly List Their Numbers Without Consent

The Law HQ guys were happy to brag about their big win, and when you watch the full episode you will see me get into it a bit with these guys.

But folks continue to wonder about the business model here. An app that creates lawsuits? Are these guys just a mill that bulk files and then settles? Well according to Tom, NO WAY.

“We won’t settle” he says:

Enjoy these clips and buckle up for next week when the full episode drops.

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