ITS SUMMIT DAY! 30 minutes till the Czar rocks the stage!

Good morning TCPAWorld –it is the BEST DAY OF THE YEAR!

The start of the incredibly fun TCPA Summit!

I take the stage in 30 minutes!

In the meantime, which of these logos do you like best?


Or this? (I think I am going to have the bottom line re-drawn as a telephone coil… we’ll see.)

Anyway incredibly excited to see everyone this am. Only a handful of TRUE BELEIVERS were up when Queenie and I FINALLY showed up around 11. Ugh. Terrible travel day.

But I am up and super excited to join the Summit and see everyone. Catch you soon!



  1. I agree with Rich, the first one – but I’d change one word:
    ‘CONNECTING’ should say ‘PROTECTING’ instead. The purpose of REACH is to protect first and foremost. Using connecting is counterintuitive – as the only other reference point is consumer harassment. Everyone wants to be protected and denotes the (hopefully) well deserved connotations it implys. Definitely keep the wording on the right hand side – until you become a well known brand just the use of REACH alone will only confuse.

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