ANOTHER HUGE TROUTMAN FIRM WIN: TCPA Case Involving Third-Party Texts Dismissed Against Seller of Products Advertised on Website

If your law firm doesn’t make you feel like this, maybe its time to get a new law firm. 😉

Nothing better than ending the week with a big WIN headed into the weekend.

And that was just the experience the Baroness–man, is she good!–and the Troutman Firm had this past Friday.

In the big ruling the Court was faced with a circumstance where a seller was sued, in essence, merely because his products were advertised on a website. The Complaint alleged that the Plaintiff received unwanted text messages that drove her to a website. Once on a website the Plaintiff saw at least one product that was offered by the Defendant the Plaintiff elected to sue in a putative TCPA class action.

In the Plaintiff’s view the product seller was responsible for the texts because the texts promoted the website that sold the seller’s products. Just one problem though: there were no facts alleged that demonstrated the seller ran the website or otherwise sent texts promoting the third-party site where the products were sold.

The seller retained Troutman Firm, of course, and we were able to earn a quick win for them–knocking the complaint out at the pleadings stage.

This is obviously a great result for our client and I am really excited and pleased to have been able to deliver it. This is a case that should never have been brought in my view. Our client SHOULD have won the case–and did, and quickly.

And that’s how greatness is sustained in the legal world–not by winning a splashy case every once in a while, but by winning the cases you’re supposed to win; quickly, efficiently, and over and over again.

I won’t name the case since the client doesn’t want the publicity–they’re far more humble than the Czar–but its another great win for the firm and I continue to be tremendously impressed with the Baroness.

Queenie and the Baroness– These two are the sharpest I’ve ever had at my disposal. Absolute assassins.

Hope all of you have a great week!



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