CANNON FIRE: Newly-Famous Judge Stays All Discovery in TCPA Class Action Involving the Wolf of Wall Street-And Why Not?

Sure this is click-bait, but its worth a quick note.

The now-(in?)famous Judge Aileen M. Cannon has entered a couple of brief but meaningful orders this week. One dismissed Trump’s challenge to the search of his Mar a Lago residence following a remarkable “smackdown” by the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals.

The second–of far more impact to TCPAWorld than TrumpWorld–stayed discovery in a pending TCPA class action against some guy named JORDAN R. BELFORT (aka the Wolf of Wall Street).

The Wolf was sued in a putative class action alleging he authorized some marketing messages without consent. But he moved to dismiss the claim and asked the Court to stay discovery in the meantime.

Judge Cannon fired away–:)–and granted the motion to stay.

You can read the brief ruling here:

Wolf of Wall Street Ruling

Just one more example of TCPAWorld trying to gobble up the real world, I suppose.

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