HERE IT IS!: The INCREDIBLE 8th Edition of the Deserve to Win Podcast–With Beth Sprague!

Well we are at our firm retreat today but that won’t stop me from making sure you folks have the LATEST and BIGGEST Deserve to Win podcast episode yet.

We have a new producer helping us out so you will see some new and FUN changes to the show. Let me know your thoughts?

So what is the reassigned numbers database and how can it help folks avoid TCPA suits?

In our 8th episode of the INCREDIBLE Deserve to Win podcast the team sits down with Beth Sprague, the director of the reassigned numbers database from Somos Gov, Inc, a contractor with the FCC, so talk about the importance of the database and how it can help people avoid TCPA liability.

The RND is an OFFICIAL government database, the official use of which affords a safeharbor to callers. The TCPA poses a MASSIVE and UNFAIR risk on callers who inadvertently call the wrong number.

When a customer provides a number the caller can only rely on that number so long as the customer keeps it. If the customer changes numbers without telling the business the business might be liable for wrong number calls that follow.

More importantly, clever lawyers–like Mike Greenwald–can then sue the business in a class action and seek billions in damages for an INNOCENT mistake. While that is awful, the RND allows callers to avoid the risks posed by wrong number calling–and prevent calling the new owners of phones.

Before we get to the interview we break down all the most recent TCPA news–including the FCC’s decision to regulate RVM technology, and HUGE recent rulings out of the Ninth Circuit. If the TCPA is important to you than you MUST watch this latest episode!

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