FOURTH DAY OF CZARMAS: Another Gift!–A FREE Webinar Setting Up 2023–And I Can’t Wait to See you All Today at LGW!

So LGW is apparently a HUGE deal. Place is absolutely packed I hear.

I haven’t had a chance to make it down to San Diego just yet–work!–but my advanced scouts (Kiera and the Dame) tell me this thing is incredible. So I am really excited.

Those of you attending–who are probably not reading this– be sure to swing by our humble little table and pick up some swag (TCPA Annual Reviews, hats, T-shirts, the usual). And DO NOT MISS my speaking session tomorrow at 1030 am on the MAIN STAGE.

I have pretty much entirely NEW content for you–directly related to lead generation. And I have some REALLY REALLY big news for everyone. So you will not want to miss it.

But today is, of course, the fourth day of Czarmas and today’s gift is an INCREDIBLE FREE WEBINAR that will take place this Thursday January 12, 2022 at 10:00 am pacific.

I will be joining’s Arvell Craig to look into my crystal ball and tell you everything you want to know about what 2023 is gong to hold for the TCPA, state privacy laws, and the INCREDIBLY FAST MOVING developments at the FCC and FTC.

If you are in the call center game you absolutely cannot miss this session!

So sing along:

On the fourth day of Czarmas the TCPA Czar gave to me

A totally free can’t-miss webinar;

critical new standards;

holiday podcast episode;

And a totally free TCPA Annual review.

We’re really in the spirit now.

Here’s a further synopsis of the webinar:

Telemarketing Regulations and compliance seem to be heating up and spreading wide in 2023. Last year, the FTC and AG began addressing concerns about sharing and selling consent directly threatening the lead generation industry. Then, the FCC took its robocalling enforcement to the next level by shutting down a carrier that failed to comply with specific Stir/Shaken protocols.
How do we make sense of and prioritize our compliance activity?

In our first webinar of 2023, please join Contact Center Compliance’s Director of Compliance, Arvell Craig, with the Czar of TCPAWorld, Eric J Troutman as they discuss the top issues of concern in TCPA for 2023.

Register here NOW!

See you all Thursday (except all of you I’m about to see in a couple hours at LGW!)


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