As most of you know, there are a lot of professional plaintiffs lurking out there. Most we find unremarkable or do not get to learn much about. Well, we came across one that may very well be the most interesting out of the bunch: Isaac Mentouri.

Soooo Tarek Isaak Mentouri, Isaac Mentouri, Isaac Miller, Isaac Men, or whatever he is going by these days threatens suit and/or files suit on robocallers. He is a wannabe serial plaintiff, and an all-around allegedly nefarious character. He decided to brag about his so-called hobby to Brendan Keefe which ultimately turned into this amazing article: Accused rapist found living in Duluth, local police not informed |

I’ll never be the investigator that Mr. Keefe is so instead of parroting off him I’ll just give a very quick summary. This guy according to Mr. Keefe’s investigation:

  1. was on MTV Catfish;
  2. was accused of 21 crimes in Tennessee (19 sex crimes);
  3. may or may not have faked his own death and wrote his own obituaries
  4. went on Dr. Phil to try to prove his innocence
  5. made up a fake identical twin
  6. is now serving time in prison on some of those crimes;

The list really goes on and on…..

*Note: I have not verified any of this myself. 

The point is don’t let people like this take advantage of the TCPA…fight back TCPAWorld!



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