“ALL NETWORK RESOURCES DOWN”: #BigLaw Layoffs Continue as A DIFFERENT Troutman Law Firm Suffers a Major Email Security Event

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Gees #biglaw is a mess right now.

Tons of stories out there about how #layoffs are ongoing. Profits are down. Clients are leaping for the exits.

No surprise when you have lawyers paying themselves over $20MM a year off their clients backs. What a joke.

Lots more blood in the streets to come. Not looking forward to it. Pretty unfortunate really. Especially for the not-so-bright folks that stay loyal to the machine and find themselves punished for it sooner or later.

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But layoffs and client defections are just part of #biglaw’s troubles right now.

What’s with all the cyber attacks?

#biglaw just can’t seem to keep its client’s data safe right now.

Take that OTHER Troutman Firm–not the real Troutman Firm–Troutman Pepper (“TP”), who simply refuses to change their name despite all the confusion it causes.

In any evet, apparently TP’s email server was hacked or taken over over spammed to death or..something. Not really sure what happened. But per Above the Law lawyers came to work yesterday and saw this:


“All Network Resources Down.”

Good god. Those are the scariest words in the world. If this is YOUR law firm you’ve really got to be asking yourself…. why?

It gets worse. TP literally told its lawyers to use AOl and gmail or whatever:


What in the entire actual world?

Above the Law called it a “cybersecurity incident.” Sounds like a hell of a bad time.

My favorite part of this story is a partner at Troutman Pepper literally gave an interview to law360 like the day before this apparent breach occurred talking about–you guessed it–email security at big law firms. Read all about it.

You cannot make this stuff up. The universe has a lovely sense of humor. So few of us pause to appreciate it. Pity.

To be absolutely clear–this meltdown happened at TP– NOT at the ultra powerful (safe and secure) Troutman Firm. Our firm has NOT had a “cybersecurity incident”… or whatever.

And there’s a reason you rarely see this happen at the elite shops– we’re smaller and smarter. Less paths to infiltration. Lower profile. Safer and stealthier in all the right ways.

#biglaw is just getting picked apart by these things though. And sure, some big firms do better than others I guess. But you can hardly go a day without reading about something like this. So you have to wonder–if you’re using a big firm is it a question of when rather than if?



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