TCPAWORLD AFTER DARK: what comes next…

Feel a bit like Atticus tonight, trying to prevent an entire industry from being lynched by an angry mob.

Americans are finally waking up to the role the lead gen industry has played in the insane onslaught of unwanted robocalls over the last decade. And they are very, very cranky. Pitchforks and torches cranky.

I’m hoping I can save the industry for the sake of the good actors in it but… maybe not. Maybe this is curtains.

Don’t look back lest you become a pillar of salt, and all that.


I have a mighty big shield and I think I can shelter at least half the industry–the folks that want to do it the right way. There is value to this industry. I see it and I think I can help others see it too.

Kind of what I do.

Well that and see the future. And I see a sustainable future for performance and digital marketers. So even while good actors should take this moment in time EXTREMELY seriously, you should also be at peace knowing that you have powerful forces in your corner.

And by that I mean me and my team of course 😉

Speaking of my team, we have a new home under construction:


Image preview

Our new home–I hope you’ll come visit us and break bread.

Its a nice and comfortable location. Where your humble Czar can sit and contemplate the distant horizon, as I am want to do.

For now though, we should all be contemplating what the future holds in TCPAWorld. I’ve been covering this beat for four years now and the last month has seen developments at an INCREDIBLE rate. Just incredible.

If you’re not following TCPAWorld right now you are nuts. Telecom law hits EVERY American business in some form or fashion. And over the last 4 years we have witnessed an absolute transformation in the laws in this country–from a landscape where carriers had ZERO regulation with respect to call blocking to one in which they are very nearly REQUIRED to stop all potentially illegal contacts. its just amazing to watch how fast things are changing–with no help from Congress I might add.

Sure none of it is constitutional. Eventually it will be challenged and it will all collapse–and, ironically, the carriers will end up sued under the Communications Act, despite their being ramrodded into their illegal call blocking schemes by a vicious FCC.

I love just looking off into the horizon and running the scenarios. Seeing how it all turns out.

Amazing to have been in the middle of this absolutely incredible time in the development of the law, however. And to have recorded and digested and shared it all in real time with so many devoted readers and fans– perfect life.

But I really do believe the future of telecom regulation is at the state level. I am reminder of Queenie’s breakdown of the new Maryland bill. Its amazing how fast the state law regulations are moving even while the federal response is thoroughbreding along.

Queenie breaks down the new Maryland bill. For more incredible content follow our TREMENDOUS Youtube channel!

If it wasn’t for the Czar, how could anyone keep up with this?

For my part I am openly pondering a Congressional run. Katie Porter has decided to seek the Senate seat here in California–and that leaves my district up for grabs.

I think I may grab.

Still weighing it.

Have so much else going on. But… ours is a world that needs saving. Not just the TCPAWorld. The whole darn.

And who else to do it?



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