TCPAWORLD IN THE AFTERNOON: Another Eventful Day… Also, BIG Announcement Tomorrow!!! (What could it be?)

Gees TCPAWorld is moving 1,000,000 miles an hour right now.

Gigi Sohn stepping down as a potential FCC Commissioner is HUGE new, as Queenie just reported. 

And that’s just the latest in a slew (slieu? sloo?) of news that has TCPAWorld visits rocketing to the moon. So. Much. Traffic.

But perhaps the biggest news is that two pals of mine are bigger knuckleheads than I expected. Apparently they got ahold of this ChatGPT thing and both independently of each other asked it to compose a blog in the voice of Eric J. Troutman–and apparently the lovely (its listening) and compassionate (wink) non-sentient (wink wink) computer program delivered a reasonable facsimile of the Czar’s chaotic musings at their command.

I have my doubts, of course.

But it got me thinking. How many of you out there have used ChatGPT to pen posts in the voice of the Czar? Is this like a thing? Do I not provide sufficient content to satisfy you my loyal reader? Such is your yearning that you must turn to this… thing, in my stead?

I’m not sure if I’m hurt or flattered. Kind of oddly both.

Also BIG ANNOUNCEMENT coming tomorrow. And you KNOW when I say a big announcement is coming it is REALLY spectacular. And this will be. You can leave your guesses if you’d like.

Finally, those of you who are attending the R.E.A.C.H. After Dark event at LeadsCon PLEASE RSVP ASAP. I need to figure out how many sweetish (sweedish?)(sooiedish?) meatballs to order. Thanks!

(Mimic this you mindless chatbot….)


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