I suppose a lot of folks in this town are just now headed to bed. Of course the Czar is already up and working.

Looking forward to the big presentation with the FCC and the RND folks today on stage at leads con at 10:30 on the mainstage– do NOT miss it.

But I am also looking forward to the wonderful REACH event this evening. Will be a really nice time and I am excited for it (just hope I can stay awake that late!)

In the meantime, my power rankings are getting tons of love–no surprise there–and I’ve also ruffled a few feathers–again, no surprise there.

For instance, the folks at Lief Cabraser would like to remind everyone that they, too, are mighty awesome:

Hello stranger. My law partner Jonathan (not John) Selbin noticed your observation that we’ve been a bit quiet this year and suggested that I reach out to remedy that. We’ve been a bit preoccupied obtaining over $55 million in TCPA settlements against National Grid and DIRECTV. Claimants in the latter are getting $1,689.48 or $844.74 per call (depending on the vendor).

Hope all is well at the new firm. You may want to open a Georgia office if the state legislature has its way there.

Best regards,

LC made the list two years in a row–and as Daniel points out, for good reason– but they dropped a slot this year. Then again, next year is just 364 days away…



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  1. I find it most amusing and ironic that there are those who may be a bit offended by not making the list.

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