LIVEBLOGGING: here are the Czar’s LIVE Thoughts on the FCC Open Meeting

Hi folks, just about to get started. Refresh often for additional comments. Earliest thoughts will be at the top and will work down to most recent thoughts.

Glad to have you all with us…

Just getting started/ NPRM is listed among items of interest for the Commissioners today.

Learning about satellite and terrestrial communications collaboration right now. Terrestrial providers will have access to the ability to provide supplemental coverage from space.. cool, I guess. But not TCPA related.

This is why I don’t live blogs FCC meetings hahahaha… most of these items are unrelated to the TCPA. BUT this is also important to keep in mind– the Commission has so many other things on its plate.

Looks like it will be a few minutes before we get to the key TCPA NPRM…

Pretty interesting stuff, even if unrelated to the TCPA. FCC Commissioners stating strong support for space-based wireless services…

7:54 Commissioners just finishing up their comments on the satellite cell phone regulations thing… let’s see what’s next

7:57 Next item up involves call rates for incarcerated individuals. So need to a wait a bit longer here.

8:09 listening to Commissioner comments on an item dealing with incarcerated person’s calls

8:16– next item is call authentication. will be interesting.

8:18– statements being made about robocalls being the number one complaint to the FCC.

8:19–intermediary providers are not currently required to authenticate but under new order the first intermediate carrier in the call chain must authenticate where the originator does not do so.

8:23– lots of pressure on the carriers here. carriers may be shut down for failing to abide robocall mitigation database filings and face penalties.

8:24– Commissioner Carr commenting on problems with robocalls. Commissioner Starks says the same. “Remain the number one source of consumer complaints..”

8:26– Commissioner Simington says “very important” to stop unwanted robocalls.

8:28– Commissioners really piling on about robocalls and “loopholes” and we havent event got to the NPRM yet…

8:29– Chairwoman mentioned that FCC shut down 7 carriers last year for carrying “robocalls”–seems like a pretty chilling thing to slip into her comments.

8:31– ok, here comes the big NPRM. Bureau chief presenting.

8:32– “important” work to stop unwanted SMS messages and requiring blocking messages that are highly likely to be illegal

8:33– Mika Savir presenting for the bureau. 500% increase in text complaints noted.

8:34– text scams cost over $200MM. “greater” harm from texts than calls. they can include phishing scams and malware. (agreed! this stuff is awful!)

8:35– currently discussing DNO rules. Stopping “highly likely” illegal messages.

8:36– now addressing NPRM. where texts are “clearly illegal” and notice is given, carriers must stop. second, technical solutions required. Third, whether DNC rules apply to text messages.

8:37–lead generator loopholders to use a “single consumer consent” to allow many calls. No bulk consumer consents should be permitted. “So called lead generator websites” responsible for “barrage” of calls. “Valid only for messages logically and topically related”

8:38: Commissioner Carr says doesnt want to “sweep in” legal text messages.

8:39– Commissioner Starks–texts are preferred way to communicate. But more popular the more scam and bad actors. robotexts are different from robocalls because you will receive the text, you might answer a call. that leads to potential harm. 10.7 BB scam texts reported last year.

8:40– Commissioner Simington approves the item. Says protecting consumers is number one priority.

8:43– Chairwoman addressing the problems with scam texts. Focused primarily on robotexts in fraud. These messages “reduce” confidence in network. Rules will require DNO usage.

8:44– Chairwoman “not going to stop there”–looking at additional measures in the NPRM.

8:45– the item (not the NPRM but the more basic rule regarding the DNO is adopted.)

Looks like that’s it. Will have a quick video up on YouTube discussing this shortly.

Overall I feel good about where we are. The Commission took a limited approach (so far) and focused their comments on true SCAM messages. Clearly momentum headed into the formal NPRM process, however.


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  1. This is great news. Question: Where can we submit our comments to the FCC?

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