GOOD BUT TOUGH TIMES– How a Conference Brought Fear and Loathing to Las Vegas (Along with Some Hope!)

As most of you know, I almost never post on the weekends but these last few week–and the next few–are real racehorses.

I remember back when I was in #biglaw and I only worked 12-13 hour days. Amazing how much spare time I had in those days 😉

But SO much going on right now that there is simply no time for rest. With the amazing momentum created by R.E.A.C.H. and clients pouring in by the bucket full, Troutman Firm (soon to be Troutman Amin, LLP) is back in hiring mode. Excellent to announce we will be adding a new lawyer by the end of the month– an AMAZING attorney who is LEAVING an AM Law 100 firm to join us, really really smart.

And this huge Five9 might be an ATDS story is absolutely massive. Will provide more coverage of that either later today or tomorrow.

For now, however, wanted do give you a quick recap of LeadsCon and the big REACH event.

Backing up, the LeadsGen industry is under MASSIVE regulatory scrutiny right now, with the FCC potentially looking at shutting the entire thing down. Against that backdrop, an FCC representative appeared at a lead generation industry event with the Czar on stage last week. That same night we had a gathering of board members and friends of Responsible Enterprises Against Consumer Harassment (R.E.A.C.H.) a trade organization dedicated to ending the abuses in the industry that have lead to BILLIONS of unwanted robocalls.

It is hoped that the efforts of R.E.A.C.H. will be enough to convince the FCC  to keep the lights on for this industry, but others within the industry seem dedicated to spreading misinformation on the subject of the FCC’s CRITICAL NPRM and are downplaying it for their own ends. Really big mistake. Potentially FATAL miscalculation. But I’ll write about that more another time.

The good news is that REACH has tons of momentum. The NPRM was amended to reference REACH’s advocacy–more on that tomorrow–and it is clear that the Commission and other regulators view REACH as the de facto voice of the industry, which is a real step in the right direction. “Karen from the FCC” discussed the alignment between the CFPB, CMS and the FCC around limiting abuses in the lead generation industry and REACH’s standards are precisely the middle ground needed to bring all of these groups into alignment.

For now, here are some pictures from LeadsCon and –A HUGE THANK YOU to those who attended the REACH event and who are helping to forge a brighter future.

Beth Sprague, “Karen from the FCC”, Issac and I following our INCREDIBLE panel 

Wore a suit for the FCC

And Karen hung out with a few of us after the panel. Fun!

Brandon is a really special guy.

Queenie and the game named after her

Puja way to comfortable at the Aria sportsbook

Some team photos

The Baroness and I betting against BigTen teams.. 

Welcome to the REACH event

Queenie looked amazing

And yes David Frankel and I got a long great and he slept on my couch!

Great gathering



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