TCPAWORLD After Dark: Episode 12…

So we recorded episode 12 of the Deserve to Win podcast tonight.

My goodness what a great episode. Definitely more laughs than ever before.

We’ve had a GREAT show now for 11 episodes, but somehow we are REALLY hitting our stride right now.

We didn’t have the Wizard on board today–which sucks–but we DID have Jessica. Brand new.

Something really unique about her energy. And Puja was different level today. Amazing.

Baroness too. Brittany is… special.

Don’t know how I ended up with a team like this. Luckiest guy in the world.

And our guest…. hahahahahaha amazing. Just amazing.

You’re going to love this episode folks. Dropping soon–hopefully next week. Colin?

Credit @justkiera for the great pics…


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