VEGAS CASINO SUED OVER FTSA IN FL: So, What Happens In Vegas Doesn’t Stay In Vegas?

Hey TCPA World! Did you know the FTSA reaches outside of Florida and across to Las Vegas?? 

So, in Campodonico v. Resorts World Las Vegas, No. 23:CV-21381, Plaintiff Ricardo Campodonico sued Resorts World Las Vegas LLC alleging a violation of the FTSA. Plaintiff alleges that between May 2022 and January 2023, he received numerous texts from Resorts World Las Vegas without consent. Plaintiff seeks to represent a class defined as “All persons in Florida who were sent a telephonic sales call regarding Defendant’s goods and/or services using the same equipment or type of equipment utilized to call Plaintiff.”  

While Resorts World Las Vegas LLC maintains its business in Las Vegas, according to Plaintiff, “Defendant directs, markets, and provides business activities throughout the State of Florida.” 

Defendant has issued a notice of removal to the USDC SDFL. 

So, what happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas… but if you come to the sunshine state, all bets are off!

TCPA World, be careful out there!  

Til next time, Countess!


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